10 Tips On Choosing Your Own Disability Support

You’re probably familiar with Murphy’s Law: “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” It rears its ugly head when we least expect it. That’s probably why it’s called a law, not a theory. When it comes to personal finances, old Murphy really seems to know when to pile it on. Unexpected expenses and changes in your financial outlook are not a matter of “if”, but “when”. But all is not lost however, with a little prior planning, you can be prepared for when Murphy comes knocking.

You’ve become fully disabled, unable to function on any level. This is the end of the road. You’re completely helpless. Totally reliant on the assistance of others be it the government, your family, whomever, but not yourself. You can no longer do anything for yourself. Left to your own devices you face death, insanity, or institutionalization. I personally reached this point. Nice place to be! Kinda like waking up in a hospital bed in the Twilight Zone with a hangover. You’re done.

Carmen grieved for her beloved husband of over 35 years. She wore her wedding ring proudly and kept his picture in sight. She worked diligently continuing to baby sit the same way she had done for many years. James said,” Mom never used Dad’s money except for bills. Any extra she wanted; she bought it with her little savings from her babysitting”.

“Dad, before you get upset, I wanted to get the two of you together to talk. I want us to be a real family again. I miss my cousins. Uncle, please…” begged SpongeBob.

Dieting or developing a healthy way of eating is one of the essential parts of weight loss. Eating a well-balanced, nutritional meal is the best way to give your body the nutrients it needs to function so you can burn off calories and lose weight. Fresh vegetables and fruits, chicken, grains, fish, and other needed foods give the body the fuel it needs to carry out the day to day functions of living. Prepare your meals in a healthy way such as eating baked, steamed, or broiled foods. Avoid fried food as they contain a lot of saturated fat.

To apply for the loan online, you should have a savings account with an established bank. You would also need to show proof of your income. You can be earning from a job, unemployment or Certificate IV in Disability. An identity proof is also required. You can submit social security card or driver’s license as an identity proof.

James and Spencer hired an attorney. It has been over a year now and they are still trying to get all the information from the banks and credit unions and the tax preparers. Vivian was so bold as to try and file a final tax return on her mother. Everything is gone. Everything but her house. All the pictures, the money, the mementos that were to go to the boys and everything else. Vivian tried to lose the house. She stopped the automatic debit coming from the bank and the house that should have been paid for several years ago, was left owing 8,000.00.

What Mary reminds us is that we all need a Secret Garden to escape and regenerate ourselves. It should be a place of beauty and serenity, where we can find solace and solitude. Such a sanctuary must be created deep within ourselves, where we can withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the world. It must be a place where past and future do not exist. What we did yesterday, or last year, is past and gone, except for the memories that still flicker in our minds. Tomorrow remains nothing more than a dream. All we have is this present moment, which is the seat of our power.