A Place For Your Dog To Sleep

Many books deal with the death of a companion animal and subsequent grieving. This article is an excerpt from the book The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer: Lessons on Living and Dying from My Canine Brothers written by Doug Koktavy, a self-employed creditor’s attorney in Denver. After Doug’s beloved Beezer was diagnosed with kidney disease, the author wrote this memoir about the dying stages and invites you to share his pain and discoveries during that difficult period between diagnosis and the last goodbye. This series of articles represent letters Doug wrote to his beloved Beezer, during and after Beezer’s illness and subsequent death.

Being able to look out a window on each side of the house is critical. Having a foot rest, like a window sill or radiator, earns you points as a spoiler since you are contributing to your dog’s success at spying squirrels.

You will, of course, have her water bowl next to her food bowl. To retain her spoiled dog status, you must place a water bowl for her in the bathroom closest to your bedroom. A bowl should be used outside too.

Removable bed covers are a great idea for those that have very active dogs that are out of doors a lot. These covers will most likely need to be washed frequently as your dog will transfer accumulated dirt from outside onto the bed. It is much easier to wash a removable cover then an entire bed.

You’re shopping for a Luksus hundeseng, and since your dog will normally sleep about 13 hours each day, you want him to be as comfortable as possible. So, you’ve picked a quality orthopedic bed that has memory foam, a removable cover for washing, and a great color to match your decor. But did you know that the size that you choose is just as important as the type of bed? It is, and there are 2 guidelines you can use to ensure you purchase the right size bed for your dog.

Your dog should also have been well groomed before you approach anyone but don’t be disappointed if your dog doesn’t get picked for a while. Clients looking for dogs for their photos, adverts, TV or films usually have a fixed picture in their head of the breed and colour they are after- yours probably just doesn’t fit the bill just yet.

First thing to do is get rid of the “I’m on a diet” jargon… just saying this or hearing it is like fingernails on a chalkboard. How often do you hear this said with excitement or enthusiasm? It is more like how Eeyore would sound if he said it. By getting rid of the “diet thing”, we can actually move forward with making some changes to your everyday life.

Basic bed or fancy–whether he’s stretched out on a doggie chaise lounge, curled up in a canopied bed, or lounging on a regular rectangular bed–as long as it’s comfortable, your dog will feel happy and secure in his safe haven.