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It is crucial in nowadays busy and expensive world to plan carefully your trips. Traveling to New York puts a great burden on one’s wallet, so most of people are trying to figure and find how to travel cheap to New York City. You need to take into account various factors such baggage cost, fares from airport to your destination all into account when comparing different travel packages and means.

Edmond still says that Lucy is silly for believing in Narnia and one day the children hide in the wardrobe from a housekeeper and end up in Narnia. Lucy takes them to Tumnus’ house where they find that he has been arrested for treason. Tumnus was the first character Lucy met when she went to Narnia. The children set out on a mission to rescue Tumnus from the Witch and meet a doubtful Mr. Beaver who leads them to Aslan the lion. Edmond runs away to warn the Witch of his siblings plan and she is nervous because of an ancient prophecy that says four humans will overthrow the Witch and reign over Narnia.

The guide now started driving towards park exit(same as entrance) as we had planned to cover Manyara national park also on the same day. On the way back we saw martial eagle with its yellow eyes and a slight crest on its head sitting on one of the leafless tree branch. The arrogance with which it was sitting atop was noticeable, giving it a great position to watch the park. Further ahead on a tree we saw Griffon vultures which can be seen plenty in numbers around a hunt. They are also environment cleaners with their scavenging skills. The beaks of both these birds are pointed and needle like to rip apart any flesh attached to bones. The martial eagle is also responsible for opening up the carcass.

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If time travel is determined to be possible, the vacation opportunities could become limitless. It may very well be that if other dimensions are ever discovered in a way that they can be visited that they may hold the key to visiting other times. With advances in quantum understanding coming in great numbers, the key that unlocks the mysteries of time could be closer than any of us realize.