Career Coach College – Your Guide In Switching Careers

Some people never really leave high school. Even as adults you will still find them hanging out and spreading the latest gossip. The problem is that no matter how they go about it, a workplace gossip is killing their own career. It’s one thing to spend a few minutes chatting about the latest ball scores or last night’s, “Castle” episode, or to discuss the co-worker who has just returned from maternity leave, in a positive manner. It’s quite another to be dishing the dirt on anyone or anything at work.

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Consider what you really want to do. Seek help from a career coaching certification singapore to decide clearly on your career direction and the stepping stones to get there.

It could be a business or a job in a new industry. You may choose to return to school and reinvent yourself. It might mean a book, play, CD or movie. There are no restraints when the slate has been wiped clear. You don’t have to worry about failing because you have no other option but to try.

When you contact your potential mentor, give him a brief explanation as to why you want his assistance. Give him sincere compliments so that he’ll know why you’ve chosen him. Share your visions for what you expect to gain from their mentoring. If he seems as excited as you are, you’ve found a great mentor that you can relate to. He will be more than willing to help you with advancing your career.

You are pessimistic. Having a positive attitude towards your job is very important to ensure success. You may have all the great skills you need, but if you don’t have a ‘go-getter’ attitude, you will never succeed. To be successful in your chosen career, you need to have the right mindset. Optimism will allow you to stay focused on your goal against all odds.

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Make a plan of action for your job search, complete with goals, deadlines and action steps. You’ve lived off your parents for some time, however long it has been, and that’s okay if it helps you get where you need to be. But now it’s time to step out and start making it on your own. Although that may be a scary prospect in many ways, it’s also incredibly empowering. Know that you can and will take care of yourself. You’ll figure out how to do it, just get started.