Designing The Perfect Roof Garden

Today fountains are no longer used as a water supply system rather the best decorative item in the house. The lion head wall fountain is a great decorative item that will enhance personal space in the home. You can place at your garden, living room, and backyard or in any part of the house because this item is so flexible and can compliment any space. It recreates the ambiance of having memories of ancient Rome.

Wall water features are mainly designed for small living rooms. You can easily add dynamic appeal to your small residential area with elegant and attractive wall fountain. You just need to install this indoor accessory in the wall of your living room and enjoy tranquil environment. Wall springs are known for their healing powers. You can enjoy instant relief from mental tension and stress by installing a wall water cascade in any room of your house. Wall springs are truly eye catching decors by which you can add value to your indoor decor system.

In the heart of the Nasrid Palace lies the Court of the Lions. A great interest in the Fountain of the Lions, located here, has spawned a number of legends for it is quite uncommon to model Islamic art from the Old Testament. In this case, the twelve stone lions standing sentinel around the đài phun nước hồ cá was believed to have been inspired by the fountain of the Temple of Solomon.

Garden water fountains are usually a little different than patio fountains as they are meant to fit the design of a garden more than a patio or deck. Most garden fountains are made of stone and include many shapes and designs. A common garden fountain typically has the water bubbling and flowing out of the top and then cascading down creating mini waterfalls instead of flowing down a flat surface like many patio or indoor fountains. There are many birdbath fountains available also. These fountains work basically the same as patio fountains with the pump and lights. To plug it in you will want to use an extension cord meant for garden use that can be buried to hide the cord.

You start with a large sized terracotta or stone bowl as your foundation. This will be the basin pot where the overflowing water will fall. Drill a hole out of the bottom center of the bowl if there isn’t one already. Now take the cord from your pump and run it through the hole. For larger holes, cover with duct tape and fill with Bondo. Smaller holes can be filled in with silicon. When that has dried, coat the inside with a water sealant. Now you should be ready to place the basin in your desired location. Although not crucial, try to make the basin as level as possible.

Lion heads are truly fascinating and it symbolizes pride. When you install this kind of fountain you can transform your space into lavish type and can emphasize power and strength in the space. Upon looking to the fountain it will take you back to the ancient times led a very lavish life. The lions head visual image shows elegance and fluidity. There is something compelling seeing the water flowing smoothly on the lions head.

These water cascades come with an ornamental finish that is why they are surely a great addition for your home. It has a traditional, elegant and unique look that is very charming and sophisticated.