Free Feng Shui Tips For Romance

Reluctantly disclosed by a long-divorced Left Coast lady. The bottom line here is that it’s a very good thing I believe we’re never too old to learn. And YOU better believe it too. Else we’re all awash in deep doodoo! But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Or of the story that’s due to unfold…

This movie, starring Jon Heder and Jon Lovitz, tells the story of a trio of friends, who try to make up for missed opportunities in their childhood when they form their own baseball team and start playing against Little League teams. Could be this years Dodgeball.

I’m not sure why these guys audition for the show when they have a romantic interest in their life back home. Maybe it is a requirement so that there is drama on the show. I prefer to think it is pure ignorance and ego that causes men like Frank and Justin to show up on the set of The Bachelorette knowing the lady, in this case Ali, is sincerely looking for love.

Have you ever considered what it would be like to have a mad passionate love affair with yourself? And I’m not talking about a one night stand here either! I’m talking about a beautiful, blossoming, burgeoning romance. The kind of escort agency where your love, understanding and compassion for yourself deepens on a daily basis, over a lifetime. Have you any idea what sort of impact that would have on your experience of life?

Be sure and keep yourself in prime condition. Keep your appearance nice and trim, while staying in shape and taking care of yourself. We tend to let ourselves go when we get comfortable in relationships. Stay as physically attractive as possible, as this will keep her interest peaked, and will make your gestures even more romantic.

Love is the main ingredient of marriage. When a partner starts to fall out, that’s an alarming sign. In order to combat it, both the husband and wife must find a way to light up the fire again. If one party observes that the other is slowly going cold, that partner must devise ideas to make the other fall in love again. They can go on a romantic date from time to time, head for a summer vacation in a quiet and peaceful beach or resort, or perhaps travel different places where they can recall memories.

The brain is hardwired to respond to groups of threes. And threes become funny when used to show opposites, oxymorons, and reduced sentences that come to the point concretely with surprise: “the buck stops here,” as well as metaphors and similes: “rosary-wracked as a Tuareg sheik in Coney Island.” Humor. Gag. Compare opposites. It’s not often a sheik becomes rosary-wracked at a Coney Island burger stand. Use opposites to show contrast as you lead up to surprise.

Having the most romantic date ever is just a part of your experience as a couple. The most important thing is that you are together and that makes it a perfect date that you will surely treasure for the rest of your lives.