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Acid stain is a popular concrete coating that is most preferred by homeowners. It is also recommended that we have a professional do this for us but it is not unheard of for the homeowners themselves to do it on their own. While it can be learned, it is not an easy task and will probably make you do a couple more tries before you can finally perfect it. Though acid staining your concrete floor is a tough process, we can simplify things by discussing it in five steps.

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If you are not the kit type, this is still the site for you. You can buy just the design, and then buy all the yarn, thread, paint by number kits, you need to make your project. Or you can skip the design and make your own. They also have some kits that really let you do whatever you want, except they put a lot of things together to make it easier.

Cross-Stitch has been around for decades, with patterns ranging from simple alphabets to intricate recreations of famous paint by number kits. And while some crafts require plenty of instruction and tutorials before you can even think about creating a piece you can pick up a starter kit and get into cross-stitch within a single hour!

Wait until the floor is completely dry. Next you have to apply the primer. You should choose an oil-based one. Your primer and top coat should be oil-based, which will aid in the floor cleaning, because it is water repellent. Additionally, the top coat should be labeled as ‘floor paint’. You want to make sure that your paint will be able to endure the heavy duty traffic it might face in some areas of the floor. You can apply the primer to the floor just like you would to a wall. Apply a thick layer of primer, which will aid in masking any imperfections that might have been left after the previous treatment step. If you are unhappy with the evenness and texture of the surface area, you might have to sand down the floor again and apply another coat of primer.

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