Increase The Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

The choice for a huge community might be yours, it’s for most people. I bet by blogging You’d like not to only embark people like friends into your journey, I guess You also would like to have other bloggers to read, rate and review your blog, or you, yourself would like to know what your fellow bloogers have to say. This is why you need to consider the community aspect when when you are searching for where to host your blog. You thus see the importance of how the community aspect will contribute for you to enjoy blogging.

“Funny or Die” is a blog based on this very concept. It displays several comical videos with twists to normal life events. One of its most popular videos had comedian Will Ferrell in it. “The Land Lord” was so popular that it got national attention – and laughs. What made it so funny was that a toddler played the role of a drunk land lord, which in real life would be improbable.

What are some of the main blog s out there addressing this topic or targeted to this audience? You can do a search by going to your favorite search engine and type “blog search.” You’ll have several to choose from. Type in the them you’re considering and see what blogs are listed. Or you could consider the names of other blogs you like. Are the titles playful and fun, like the blog White on Rice Couple? Or do they communicate a theme like the the Pioneer Woman?

Posting every event of your life on the internet may determine a pretty agglomerated social profile. In time you will gather more and more information and you will need at some point to choose what to keep and what not. Plus, there are the principles of discretion and privacy. These are eternal principals which never get old and are pretty useful to keep you close to wisdom.

My personal blog talks about anything and everything. It’s my outlet to vent, to write silly things, to do whatever comes to my head, for fun. There is no direction, no theme, and no discipline. So that means my contextual ads are all over the map and my visitors aren’t there for any particular reason except a little light reading, some relief from the mundane.

For example, type in the keyword “wordpress” without the quotes. What you’ll see is a real personal blog time feed of posts from people typing in the keyword wordpress on twitter. You’ll also get to see what they are talking about.

This is not to say that websites are expensive. You don’t need to have a high-tech site with lots of moving parts and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have someone create and maintain your site if you don’t want to. Like blogs, there are a lot of companies that offer turn-key options for websites as well.

There are no rules. Just guidelines. Remember, great content is king, leave enough time to be social, stay focused on your blog marketing purpose, and experiment.