Ionic Hair Dryers-Way To Avoid Damaging Your Hair

Do you think you are losing a lot of hair of late for no apparent reason? If so, it could be due to a reason that you are not yet aware of – stress. Stress related hair loss is a problem that can make you lose a considerable amount of hair within a short span of time.

Think again about wearing a wig if your natural hair is starting to thin. A wig or hairpiece will damage your hair follicles and speed up the process of your hair loss. If you want to prevent accelerating your hair loss, don’t wear wigs, hats or helmets.

Doctors say that a normal adult loses about 100 hair strands every day. When you are stressed out for some reason, this number increases significantly. In most cases, extreme emotional stress due to child birth, job loss, illness, and the death of loved ones is the reason for sudden hair loss. Women, in particular, are susceptible to stress related hair loss during pregnancy. Let us now take a look at some useful tips which can help you treat loss of hair caused by stress.

So, what is the all time hair cut? The high and tight, well at least it’s a good base, almost 75% of all short hair cuts are based off it. It is clean around the ears and neck and there is enough length on top to comb, spike, add texture or just leave as is. It is a great starting point for any short hairstyle. Remember, we are talking about the blank canvass so leave some room to work.

Frizzy hair. Heat can be a nightmare for hair but unfortunately we all subject our hair to it with the use of dryers, straighteners and other equipment. To help prevent frizzy hair, don’t blow-dry your hair straight away. Instead, after washing or wetting your hair, apply an anti-frizz product. When it is almost dry, blow-dry and style your hair as normal, but not before applying some heat-protecting spray!

But in ordinary circumstances these forms of taking care of our hair will not lead to baldness. But taken in the same vein, the excessive use of all about silicone free shampoos that contain chemicals can break down the structural element of the hair follicles. Once the roots of hair loss are affected then balding can happen.

Analyze your life and the possible reasons that you’re losing hair. A major life event or any recent medication in the past few months could be the reason you are experiencing loss of hair. If you are able to find the cause of hair loss, you could possibly stop it.

You can follow these tips to treat stress related hair loss effectively. Still, it is very important to consult your dermatologist and get his opinion before you start taking any supplements or using any hair products.