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The Hannah Montana motion picture, is prepared to hit Starz as needed soon in addition to the Disney Channel. This could be just the start of lots of provings to come on the small screen. When the film, Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Finest of Both Worlds Show, was displayed in theaters, there were special 3D glasses. Trouble is, you may have a difficult time discovering them now.

DET. SCHARF: Right. And, I suggest, back, taking a look at the old news accounts, they were reporting in the paper that she was 20-30 years of ages. Another report said that she was 27-37 years old, so even if someone around here was missing somebody and had reported them, it didn’t click with them due to the fact that we discovered, after exhuming the body, that she was probably 16-19 years of ages and probably 16-19, but probably at least 15-21, in that age variety. So there was a great deal of misinformation a long period of time ago when they put it out.

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She had actually been strangled and shot numerous times in the head. Officials weren’t able to identify her or offer her age. At the time (and even years later) authorities reported she might be anywhere from 17 to 37 years old.

Note: Often runaways might be dropped from NCIC when they maturate by the calender– although they had not yet been represented or recovered.