Natural Remedies For Rashes And Itchy Skin (Part One)

They are assigned to watch over us and protect us throughout our life. They are with us even when we don’t recognize them and they go to war for us to get our prayers answered. They are special messengers from God and they are our angels.

Whom the heart of man shuts out,/Sometimes the heart of God takes in,/And fences them all round about/With silence ‘mid the world’s loud din. James Russell Lowell.

Here is where Calvinism goes south. It is clear here and elsewhere that Jesus died for all, not just “the elect.” He truly does want everyone to come into the Kingdom. His arms are open wide.

We don’t know how the Spirit was manifested for the story turns quickly to a sorcerer wanting to buy what Peter and John had. But this Simon that wanted to have some of this power for himself had witnessed something that convinced him these people were different.

Many times when we discover an ancient cure we find out that our ancestors were way ahead of us when it comes to natural healing. The use of a Jerusalem salt bath is one of those cures.

The location of the find and analysis of the Hebrew on the scroll confirm a date close to 600 BC, perhaps earlier – long before the capture of jerusalem and the Babylonian exile.

Another factor draw me into attachment to this manuscript is my discovery to an answer of a puzzle that bewildered me for decades concerning what used to be known as the Cave of Daniel. This was a cave of many mysteries acclaimed to be located in Morocco. The story tells of its opening once a year and admits pupils for the art of alchemy and the beyond, such as Magik rather than magic, and so on and so forth…

The top quality of Jordan is landscape. Think landscape means prepare to comfortably enjoy it with ample sun screen, a good hat, sunglasses and great walking shoes. Last but not least, I would invest on bottled water throughout the visit!