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Most people would prefer to not have any type of surgery in their lifetime. They are fearful of the operation, the anesthesia, the hospital itself, what their family and loved ones will be doing, and some even fear that first IV needle. Living well includes being prepared for life’s events. Whether elective or emergent, the chances are that you will have to undergo some type of surgery in your lifetime. It is proven that the calmer you are, the better your surgical outcome. Relaxed bodies are easier to operate on and heal more quickly. The question then becomes – how do I relax and calm down before my surgery?

What Paris Hilton Eats for Breakfast in the LA Jail is not a secret, but the paparazzi is not allowed inside. Some paparazzi will be there when she goes in and when she comes out of course and the pictures will be displayed to the world, but not the My food blog she eats while she is inside.

Stefania: I was certainly more well-rested! I started CityMama when my eldest was just a baby. Before that I taught elementary school in a low-income school for three years, and prior to that I was a Co-Marketing manager for an audio company, an industry I had worked in for about five years. In the 90’s my husband and I were typical dot com boomers. (I’m sure we fulfilled every stereotype about that time…) We rode it until it crashed. Then we had kids.

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If you’re considering a BYOB date Jersey Shore style, check out the Artful Diner site. It’s chock full of Restaurant recommendations in nearly every city up and down the New Jersey coastline.

Anyone can do it,and its virtually free. I want to also say that I feel my Christian faith has had more than a little to do with my success,teaching me perseverence.

In the meantime, tickets to FSW’s “Ground Zero” are $15 for general admission or $25 for ring side seating. Show starts at 7:30 p.m.; doors open at 6:30 p.m. To reserve your seats, click here, and for more on Future Stars of Wrestling, visit FSW’s official website.