Punjabi Movies Save Their Culture

An Indian wedding cannot be without music and songs, shor sharraba, band and baja! If that were the case, it would simply not be an Indian wedding. A wedding in India has to be vibrant. There are movies galore depicting the Indian wedding to give you an idea of how awaited and musical these events are. There is a huge selection of Indian wedding music available to use. I guess one needs to make a selection based on the audience – the age groups, village urban divide and on whether it is a wet or dry affair – all contributing factors.

About two weeks ago I was getting fed up with not being able to find what songs I was after so I thought I would look online for a quick and easy solution for my problems. After a while of looking I ran into Tidy Songs. I didn’t know what to expect at first so I thought I would try out the Free Tidy Mp3 Songs Download.

Some of the ever best Punjabi movies are Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai, Chan Pardesi, Hashar… A love story, Mannat and Des Hoyaa Pardes. Of course there are some more, but I would like to highlight a few of them here. Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai is from the end of 1960s – it is a religious movie that is presenting an important Sikh culture festival. Punjabi songs from that movie are devotional and still loved by so many in Punjab today. A song Mere Sahib Mere Sahib is magical really.

Of course best punjabi songs when your relationship is still being controlled by your physical attraction your perception…the way you see your potential mate can be just a wee bit clouded. The fact is, as the saying goes, “Love is blind”.

One of the most annoying things about iTunes is the amount of work you need to put in to it, in order to have clean and tidy library. A lot of the time when you upload an album or song the title names will be missing, sometimes you will have duplicates and missing artwork as well.

The lyrics of this song truly catch your attention, which is why this song comes in at number four. With phrases like “You are the love of my life, and I’m so glad you found me,” it’s not hard to see why this song is a top choice for so many Christian weddings out there nowadays.

Not only in his language but he is also fluent in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Haryanvi and even Rajasthani. He has been composing songs on a wide range of topics working with individuals and their problems, in their language and making a powerful effect in their minds and hearts. The reputation of his songs is not limited to Punjab or only India but the spirit of his words and songs has propagated to different areas of the planet. Gurdas Maan is known as a poet, entertainer, musician and an acting professional who knows the beat of the public and their preferences. He is a good singer since his college days.

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