Simple Steps To Becoming A Social Butterfly

Think back to when you were a child. Picture yourself playing with your favorite toy. Where you happy? Of course you were. Surrounded by your friends, you played war with GI Joes, dress up with Barbie, or had a teddy bear you took everywhere (mine was A.G. Bear and he talked. I still have him too).

Look to the past to a situation where it was unlikely that you were going to succeed and you did. Where in your scholastic years did you excel? Where in your personal life did you make a change where the decision was difficult, but it was to make a change for the better? What achievements in your career required leadership and commitment?

To just accept that we have trauma in our lives and to be OK with that is what emotional intelligence is really all about. Peace allows the brain to function more fully, to open up to all experience and to bring meaning as it processes the intuitive aspects of your mind. A closed down and dysfunctional approach to life, one without peace, is one that does not allow intuition or meaning.

Stimulus Response: One of the symptoms of autism is a lack of response to many things that others respond to right away. This is something that is often very obvious. They either respond in an inappropriate manner or not at all. Some will not respond to noises or stimulus in any way, which scares parents. Others might be overly sensitive to touch, sound, and even the feeling of clothing on their skin. They may also get lost in patterns and explore with rubbing and licking.

The true lesson is in learning to recognize, accept and allow the energy of all emotions to move through you, without getting stuck there. Just as you cannot breathe in forever, you cannot breathe out forever either. You must expand again. I often encourage my students to tune into that place where the urge to breathe begins. Then notice how good it feels to allow it.

The truth is that John felt very insecure and lacked the homeschool teaching necessary to create healthy friendships and relationships. He also did not know how to manage his money.

If you’re concerned about your nephew, go ahead and get involved. But don’t get your hopes up. These days, most home-schoolers understand the importance of social – as well as academic – development. Your sister’s isolation of her son has put him at a huge disadvantage relative to other children his age. At some point he’ll want to buy a Big Mac, drive a car, ask a girl on a date, or get a job. And unless something changes, he won’t be prepared.

Another important piece of advice and common sense is to plan your date in a public place when meeting a stranger for the first time. You never really know a person even when you think you do. Some people are abusive, bad intentions or just something to hide such as marriage. By doing a quick background search through public records to search criminal records can save you a lot of trouble and grief.