Summer Pest Control Management

South Florida residents face a plethora of pests because of the warm humid climate, so it was very unfortunate to hear about the arrival of bed bugs in West Palm Beach. Florida tourists and travelers have brought extra passengers with them and area hotels are now battling the problem on a daily basis. But for those that understand the threat, how to avoid it and how to deal with it once it has broken through your defenses are the ones that come out on top. If you’re new to bed bug control, this article is for you.

If you live in the foggiest part of New England, a solar installation might not be my first suggestion. If you were however to move to Arizona, this becomes an economics conversation, as well as a green one. Arizona has an abundant resource that makes it a 21st century goldmine: sunlight. While I personally have not done the math, I can assure you that almost every resident of the great state could benefit financially from some sort of solar power installation. The best part is that it is good for the environment, good for the families, good for electrical grid security and for the economy. As home solar installation prices continue to get lower, more and more Americans will turn to themselves for their home energy needs.

Photo above is of Snoopy, male Basset Hound ID#AAAA13-10936, available for adoption at El Paso Animal Services. More dogs and cats can be found on the El Paso Animal Services website, The Humane Society of El Paso and Animal Rescue League of El Paso.

Nurses protecting themselves and patients involves more than washing your hands! Picture this. You care for a patient who has brought bedbugs with him from the ambulance which carried him to the hospital. Nobody notices that they are on his clothes and in his bag of belongings. A few of them silently jump onto your clothes and hitch a ride home with you.

Veolia Radon Testing. Location: 12900 Warrick County Line Road in Vanderburgh County. Phone: (812) 868-1100. The dumpster for recycling aluminum cans is located at the entrance to the parking lot. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Price: No cash payment.

Some pet waste bags are marked as flushable. However, you need to make sure your plumbing can handle this. If you have older plumbing, a septic tank, cesspool, etc., you probably don’t want to use flushable bags. However, you can still flush pet waste without the bag. Just empty the bag into the toilet, flush, and discard the bag.

They want to know how it is that Susan makes people more attractive because deep down they are wondering whether Susan and her stylists can make them more attractive as well.

When you see others recycling, this may convince you to be more conscientious about waste reduction and disposal. Then in turn, imagine how many people may be swayed by your devotion to the cause.