Three Common Mistakes Business People Make When Using Social Media

Yesterday, I was having a conversation and a topic came up, namely Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s marriage. In my musings, I later recalled thinking that I don’t know this woman or this man. Why do I care about their personal life? I wouldn’t normally care about a stranger’s marital problems. Why are the details of these people, whom I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting, so important that I am engaging in an entire conversation based on their life. That is essentially the question that we all should be asking. These people allegedly had something bad happen to them and now they are media fodder.

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Isn’t digital technology amazing? A decade ago, it would have been unheard of to print off your own photos at home. It would have been the sort of thing that prompted the question, “What, you have a darkroom in your basement?” But nowadays, we have the option not only to take photos digitally an alter them with our own computer programs, we don’t even have to have them professionally printed anymore! Just by clicking a button on our own home computer, we can have our own photos printed at home, without having to leave the house!

I read my affirmations today and started off the day right. I find that each time I read these to myself it seems to put a smile on my face. Today I noticed this because I read them in front of the mirror.

My 3Rs technique is a great way to identify some of the side-effects that come with social media usage–and, more importantly, begin to make changes if your mental and physical wellness are suffering. Grab a piece of paper and pen, and we’ll walk through the steps–Recognize, Reframe, Reclaim–together.

Also, first-time father Ian Desmond has settled in where he belongs. Batting fifth, sixth, or seventh allows him to focus on driving the ball, which he does well. MASN’s Bob Carpenter picked up on that last night, saying he was “driving the ball like his old self.” Shocker. His eye-popping numbers the last two days back that up. Consider this – as a leadoff guy, Desmond hit just .180 (9-50) and slugged just .300. Batting sixth or seventh, Desmond is hitting .417 (10-24) and slugging .708. Desmond has gap-to-gap power, and batting down in the order taps into that potential.

How do you feel when you log in to your favorite social networking site? What do you get from it? Could you be at risk for depression–or feeling its effects already?

One more status update, one more profile update, one more follower–none of that is worth jeopardizing your health and wellness. Because remember, no one lives or dies by Facebook stats. YOU, the person, are worth far more than the sum of your stats.