Travel Writing Article – Latest Targeted Secrets To Supercharge Your Travel Articles

I discussed a bit about niche blogging in my last article, “Why Do You Want To Blog”, and I wanted to further elaborate and point out a few niche’s you may want to explore. Although it doesn’t have to be, niche blogging is typically for profit. With that being said, if you really think about it, all blogs could be considered niche blogs, right?

One of the advantages of a my blog is that it allows your family and friends to follow your blogs and to keep up to date with your travels. We were surprised how many of our friends followed our blogs and sent comments and questions about our experiences.

The world has shrunk since the Internet has become more accessible. You can keep your friends and family up-to-date with the travel stories, pictures, videos and posts as you travel around the world.

You can get many other benefits by travel blogging. Your friends and family members can refer to this blog and get updated information of your travel and enjoy the photos of the places you visited and know about the people you met. You will be amazed to know when you find so many of them have actually visited your blog and placed their questions and comments about your vacation travel.

What are the videos for? I upload them on YouTube and monetize the videos also with AdSense. Videos can be more attractive and lively. You as a visitor, would surely be very interested in experiencing other people’s whole travel experience with words, photos and videos. That’s cool!

As I write this, there is a large Vietnamese market going on less than five meters away. The smell of pho boiling over and the sounds of locals conversing is something I wouldn’t have noticed on a five day whirlwind tour of Vietnam.

Last, I’ll upload my high resolution photos, of sceneries and people, to some high quality photo premium download site. As a PS zealot, I used to spend 3 to 5 dollars to download one high quality photo. Now, I can provide some original shots and monetize them as long as somebody wants to download my photos.