Why Do I Have To Do Stupid Things For You To Show That I Love You?

Romance movies are timeless. Everyone has his or her favorite romance movie. Most of the time, the romance movies serve a purpose, mostly, as an escapism. One thing that these movies do is that they keep the idea of romance alive. No matter how happy or tragic the ending is, romance movies are loved by its viewers for entertaining them and keeping their dream alive.

The Pig is the biggest winner in the area of เซ็กทอย this year. With 2 strong romance stars in your sign backing you, there is nothing to stop you from seeking the dream relationship which you desire.

Basing on your day element, you can determine the element which your spouse represents. For women, your spouse element is the element which destroys your day element. If your day element is Wood, then your spouse element is Metal. For men, the spouse element is the element which your day element destroys. Using the above example, if your day element is Wood, then your spouse element is Earth.

Myth . . . By showering your husband with romance, he will get the idea, seek out his hidden inner romantic child and create the romantic oasis you so desire and deserve.

There could be and there are various reasons why you love your spouse but often have you told them that. So say I love you because you are such a caring wife, I love you because even after so many years you still make me smile. Don’t ever stop saying I Love you; it’s a great relation binder and a romance enhancing mantra.

Then your spouse loses interest and looks for excitement elsewhere. You must keep yourself up so your hubby will not turn to someone else. Make it a priority every morning to shower, wash your hair, put on make-up and wear comfortable nice clothes.

Scheduling romance may sound like a farfetched idea, but the truth is it can work. When you want to rekindle the fire in your relationship, there is always something you can do, and scheduling romance is not the worst you can do.