Brain Improvement And Brain Capacity Enhancement

Imagine if you could actually get through reading your study material or official papers quickly with comprehension and some recall value; that is what a speed reading course aims at achieving. Most often, the only way people get through their volumes of paperwork is through skipping paragraphs in order to ‘finish reading’ something in a record time. It could be a novel or an official manuscript.

I don’t think Manuel knew where he was, and he had that “blank stare” about him. He would look around as if he was in a daze! It was so sad to see another human being, who had no idea where he was! Some people have really been dealt a terrible hand in life…and Manuel was one of them. After about two weeks in the ward, he was moved to another facility, which would take better care of him, and he would spend the rest of his life in an institution! A sad story indeed!

These activities get your insanité esprit thinking, which in turn, improves the way it operates. Think of your brain as a car. Unless you take it out the garage once in a while, its parts will start rusting and will eventually become unreliable.

The Eastern Guru’s teaching was somewhat different. Not only his teaching was different, rather his approach was different. He taught that the self that the disciple was conscious of was an illusion compounded impaired mental faculties of identification of self with attributes and desires. He demanded of the disciple that he cut through the illusion of self, that he discovers who he was.

Dementia: (definition); deterioration of intellectual faculties, such as memory, concentration, and judgment…sometimes personalty changes. Dementia is caused by organic damage to the brain (as in Alzheimer’s), head trauma, metabolic disorders, or the presence of a tumor.

When we see the world of creatures – the plant and animal kingdom – we see that the principle of consciousness is gradually manifesting itself. Plants are very near to inanimate objects like stone but they are truly throbbing with awareness. The principle of individual consciousness or soul governs and sets the various processes of their life cycle.

The act of self inquiry is to be constantly asking questions: Why am I doing what I am doing? Why do I get this result? These questions act as filters and help prevent any kind of negative thinking to take a permanent and long lasting hold.

Believe in yourself. To improve your life, you must improve your mental senses or faculties. Think of being, having and doing only what you want. Concentrate and focus on all the good you want in your life. Decide who you want to be, what you want to have, and what you want to do. We have higher faculties, and I believe we have a responsibility to develop them. Employ the mental faculties stated by Wallace Wattles and begin empowering yourself today.