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Today, it is very unlikely to meet someone who doesn’t know how to use Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and other social media sites. Basically, these websites are used for instant communication which is absolutely free as long as you have a computer with internet connection. For instance, if you want to send a message to your friends but don’t want your phone bills to increase, you can simply send them a tweet and they will instantly receive your messages through their mobile phones.

As well, there are tons of summer Jobs for teens in amusement parks. The trick is picking one that you will enjoy. Do you have the stamina to work in a costume all day? How about loading and unloading the same ride all day long? Parks do offer seasonal Jobs for teens in games, admissions, clean-up, security, food service and more. Remember that the work can be repetitive and the pay is generally only a dollar or two above minimum wage.

Be engaging. The last thing to do is to be shy. You need to find a common topic of engagement and capitalize. Golf, baseball, cars, recent IPOs, or whatever topic and have a good discussion. Making solid points about a topic will be important for the person you are networking with so that you are remembered. Last point here; there also is an opportunity where you can learn about business culture, areas that are in need of people, or other “insider” information. Get as much knowledge as possible, if you can.

So how to set up? How should we approach ‘learning’ once again with all the paperwork from all those years of Education, to ensure that we’ll be prepared for test time?

Years ago our parent and grand parents would be employed by the same company for their entire working life. That was job security. However that is no longer the case since most adults would have been employed by more than 4 or even 5 companies before their working days are over. Since job security is a thing of the past what is required of all of us is that we seek new and better ways to secure our financial future.

After working for a company for three years I was being let go. Not for lack of performance. The business was closing down due to the economic conditions. The owners were good people they just couldn’t keep the doors open any longer. I hadn’t been out on the job market for that long and even then I was fortunate enough to know someone in the company that put in a good word for me. Getting hired there was not difficult.

In short you need to learn how to use the internet to find your best MLM leads. But even here people are taught the wrong way to prospect on the Internet.