Rob Drabkin, Angie Stevens & More: Denver Live Music Weekend Picks July 29

In today’s world, you can download so many things. One of the most familiar downloads is music. Any style, artist, song, album- almost all can be downloaded for your iPod or MP3 or whatever.

Speaking more big picture, one of the two topics/findings they covered ties in wonderfully to this week’s Ad Age poll (Thanks to Tammy Cancela at New Media Gateway for this forward.) The findings indicate that there are four different “roads” to a purchase. Quick, Winding, Long, and Long & Winding. Now let’s revisit that Ad Age poll. The question posed is whether or not Clear Channel’s idea of creating one second long radio ads will work and stay around. Maybe for the “Quick” road described in Yahoo!’s study, but not likely for the other three. In other words, for very low dollar purchases where there is a clear category leader – this might be fine. For the rest of us music download it’s useless.

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A Bathing Ape clothing line is unique, and definitely stands out. Honestly, it doesn’t look good. If you want extremely unique and limited-edition shoes, you can go for their footwear. The rest of Bape’s clothes are nothing to write home (or should I say, write to Japan) about.

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The format of a song that is AAA is three verses. ABA is verse, chorus, verse. ABAB would be verse, chorus, verse chorus. Most songs have a bridge. A bridge is the part of the song that is different than a verse or chorus, and has a different music arrangement. It summarizes the whole message of the song, gives it a different meaning, or maybe a new twist to the meaning behind the song.

Some Tips – The first thing that’s important to know is you must set a goal. Motivation is a key factor. Maybe you want to be like someone you like, or play in a group, or like how someone sounds. This will help you persevere when the going gets tough. And don’t forget as you advance you need to update your goals. A good practice is to have a good approach. Do not to practice only one or two long sessions per week. It’s better to practice 20-30 minutes a day than just one long session, it’s also much more rewarding to do more short practices per week and don’t forget could be piano, guitar, drums, bass, vocals,violin, if you need help to achieve your goal with any of these instruments check out Musician’s Corner Store you could find whatever you need to help you practice and succeed there.

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