Romantic Getaways With Memories

After having conversations with tons of men, I’m going to let you in on some secrets to help you get your man or any man you want to be more romantic with you.

Another vintage has got be “Gone With The Wind”. It is a classic tale of Independent Mumbai Escorts, starring Clarke Gable and vivacious Vivian Leigh. The immortal character of Reth Butler played By Clarke Gable makes the film everlasting. Vivian Leigh never looked so beautiful. The film was shot brilliantly in a far west location.

Another film which is a real Classic, happens to be ‘The Sound Of Music”. An adjective will be inadequate to describe this brilliantly awesome film. An all time legend in its own right, this film has been a favorite from generation to generation. Set in the backdrop of World War I the film was shot in beautiful Austria. The songs are legendary and the actors, Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer and those seven little children of Captain VonTrapp were awesome.

Each of them acknowledged that it was dream come true and a moment they couldn’t wait for. They all knew the type of diamond ring they wanted and the setting. As they were going on, I’m thinking to myself, “De Beers has done it again!” That slogan, “Diamonds Are Forever” and the other one, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” has sparked a fire that burns in women’s hearts around the world!

Even those who protest the holiday as trivial and stupid can’t help but smile when handed a home-made Valentine. Score some extra points with your sweetie this V-Day with a night devoted to love. The little things and thoughtfulness are always remembered, and really, any reason to celebrate and have fun is a good one.

You can’t have a more advantageous day for planning something really special for him, then if he’s having a birthday. So put on your apron and make him his favorite cake for him. He will feel so special by your gesture of love. Spend some time with him and with his family too. Men always appreciate the girl who is thoughtful to his folks and family!

3) Eliminate your own insecurities. Find your own self-confidence. It’s great to get assurance from your man. If he loves you, he’s all too happy to tell you how beautiful he thinks you are and how much he does love and appreciate you. But, his words of praise and adoration are no replacement for your own confidence that you are a beautiful and strong woman and that you are in your marriage because you love your husband and WANT to be. Don’t give your husband to give you self worth or to take it away from you. That should rest in your hands alone.