Six Steps To Getting Started On Linkedin

LinkedIn is becoming more and more poplar as a social media marketing networking tool as opposed to the job seekers resource. The creation of groups, iPhone applications, slide shares has really changed the way that we interact in LinkedIn. LinkedIn is still widely used by job seekers but also by those looking to hire a company based upon their profile, summaries and answers to questions. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile not only helps your on page/profile searches by having your summary optimized but also with search engine rankings. A two for the price of one here!

According to tip number one, “nothing can beat a hungry fighter.” Nothing can beat a hungry author either. We have to continue to write, continue to produce quality work, and continue to market our work. As we do these things, we may tap professional organizations, networks, and local contacts.

When you first sign up for LinkedIn, you will need to make your profile. Make sure that there are no errors in it, eg. punctuation or capital letters in the wrong place. Your summary is very important. This should make the visitor to your page want to read more. If it is a personal profile, talk about yourself, or if it is a Business tips and advice, highlight what makes your company special.

The profile will also let you have a rough idea on the age of the company. True, some copywriting companies may have just emerged yet they do a super job but you need to stick to companies that are old enough. At least two years is not bad. You would be sure that they are experienced.

#2. Use 3rd Party Resources. My favorite of the home Business tips is this one because it will make your biz much more efficient and require less work from you. If you have a video presentation for your MLM, send your prospects there instead of spending an hour on the phone with them. Also, do 3-way calls with your more experienced upline.

If you are engaged in your niche and up to date on what is happening in your industry, people will know you take your business seriously and want to do business with you.

Once you have created a “home base” on the web, you must find a way to drive traffic to your website as well. With over 5 million websites out there, how in the world will anyone find you? The novice thinks you can just put up a site and you’ll start earning money. Not so.

LinkedIn is a powerful job search tool, but it definitely needs to be handled with care! It is perhaps the best way to express your personal brand, but it’s also incredibly visible and can leave you exposed in the wrong way if you’re not careful. Make sure that your profile represents you in the way you want potential employers to view you, but also be aware of how your current employer might view your profile while you’re looking.