Techniques Used To Improve Your Communication Skills

It can be so frustrating. You hear a comedian tell the absolute funniest joke in the world. It’s so funny that you’re on the floor for ten minutes, shrieking hysterically. The next day you tell the same joke to your friends and their reactions are, to say the least, more subdued.

If you do a quick search on the internet for presentation training training you will get thousands of hits from sites promoting everything from self study e-books to 14 day residential courses. It is difficult to decide which is right for you.

If your presentation is to made with PowerPoint or you plan to use slides or props, make a clear notation in your outline for the proper placement and calculated pauses in your speech. You want to know exactly what image is coming up next so that you may set up the speech to present it. In addition to adding the props and such to your outline, it is wise to keep the display exhibits listed on their own notation sheet for easy reference.

I donated a year of my time to serve on the editorial committee for Speaker Magazine, published by the National Speakers Association. My job was to author a monthly column where I interview people that book professional speakers. A point that frequently is made by these people is that they want a speaker that will ENGAGE their meeting attendees.

If you are thinking that you can learn how to overcome fear of public speakings overnight, you are in a dream world. It takes more than a miracle trust me! There are a lot of scams and bogus products out there that promise the moon and don’t deliver what they say they will. They prey on the emotions of people who are scared to death of giving speeches and want to get over their fear of public speakings as soon as they possibly can. Of course, it can be done in a short period of time, just not as short as some people would like (one day, two days…).

What’s a presenter to do? First acknowledge it. Say something early in your speech like, “For those of you Twittering in the back, say something nice about my speech.” This is being proactive. Let them know that you know. Also, if it is possible, leave the podium (the definition of podium is; riser or stage, not lectern) and walk toward the back of the room, you can keep them off guard and they might Twitter less. Of course this is assuming you have a wireless lavaliere microphone.

To be effective in public speaking the humor should be relevant to the points being made. It is woven into the fabric of the speech. With practice and preparation it is possible to employ the 7 types of humor listed, regardless of how dry and shy you maybe.