Texas Hold’em Poker For Newbies

In my last article, Online Poker for Beginners – 10 Tips to Get You Started, I provided some tips for online poker newbies. Here are a few more basics, plus some ideas for those of you who have already played a little poker online.

No matter how good you get at poker, you will lose. Time after time, session after session, you will experience the negative side of variance. The beauty of it is, it happens to everyone and it balances over time. The key thing to focus on and remember is how you respond and react to these situations. It is comparable to baseball where hitting a ball 3 times out of 10 or better makes you one of the best in the sport. That means even the best players will fail at bat at least 70% of the time. poker online has an even lower percentage (assuming a full ring game).

This answer usually comes from another grumpy sore poker newbie in a forum somewhere. Then all the cranky poker losers get together and start a big discussion about how the online poker rooms are rigged, and they post different hands that they ‘should’ have won, and act as if it’s proof.

A tracker can even simulate the real hands that were played in the past. This includes showing off all of the steps that were involved from cards to bets that were used in the game.

One of the most popular games is strip poker. These games can are interactive and enjoyable in nature. If you know the rules and regulations of the game, this will be the best game to hook you up for hours at a stretch. In this game, you can enjoy hottest models stripping of their clothes. If you have played standard poker ever on the internet, you will find it easy to play strip poker game as well.

Online poker flies a little lower under the radar, so how do the biggest rooms make enough money to stay in business? How can you be sure that the faceless computer isn’t trying to cheat you?

The worst part of this situation is even though I suspect I am beat, I am rarely going to be able to fold TPTK to a half-pot raise. I can hope for a ten to hit the turn, which would give me the nut straight, but there are only 4 of those left, and the odds of the one landing on either the turn or the river are roughly one in six. Not great odds, but it is something, I tell myself, which makes me feel better about the option of calling. So I call. The pot is now $11.75, much bigger than I would like with only top pair, being up against the big blind, having been check raised, and having two cards to go. This sucks, I tell myself. After this hand I will probably be cursing myself for getting caught in such an obvious trap. I should have known better. But this is poker and anything can happen.

Once you start putting all these fact together it becomes easy to see why online players are dominating the WSOP more and more with each passing year. Internet poker is here to stay and never before have players had such easy exposure to learning the game and also the tools to improve at an incredibly accelerated rate.