Tips To Be A Successful Online Learner

Morning comes apace. Unfortunately. The alarm has gone off, the day’s rigors are stretched long and wide ahead of you, and you just know that the floor is particularly cold this morning. Down the hall, your babe slumbers heavily in his bed, undisturbed, wrapped still in the bliss of his dreams.

The ciriculum is varied and includes topics on health, leadership, salesmanship, network marketing, and motivation. Wait a minute, no math, history, english, or social studies? Success University is not a traditional educational institution. It is the new wave of google classroom nsw that teaches you how to think positively, how to live well, and yes how to make money online while you learn. It is an affiliate program.

For example, classroom assistants are frequently seen almost doing a child’s writing for them! They excuse this by explaining, ‘He doesn’t like writing’. Too true he doesn’t like writing, but he still has to be expected to do it and he’s certainly not going to write if he can con somebody else into doing it for him! The problem is that once you’ve allowed this situation to become established it becomes more difficult to change. It can be done, but you’re better not allowing it to become a pattern of behaviour from the start.

Mimulus – for any fear or anxiety that they can name about school. E.g. fear of: going back to school, changing class, certain teachers, kids who are bullies, eating in the large hall where it’s noisy, not knowing what to do, not knowing where to go, not knowing where the toilets are, speaking out in class, getting things wrong, being laughed at, kids not wanting to be friends with them, getting into trouble and so on. If your child can put a name to a fear then they need to take Mimulus. It is also the remedy for shyness, blushing and stammering.

When working or schooling from home, boundaries need to be set with your family, friends, and/or roommates. They need to respect your time so you can keep your job and/or get your education. It is much easier for them to respect your time if it is scheduled out. When they don’t know the next time you are going to be available, then it’s easy for them to justify disturbing you. That’s why a consistent schedule is so important. An office with a door and a lock never hurt at all either. It’s nice to create a work/study space. Heck maybe even get yourself one of those “OPEN” signs or some sign that helps to illustrate to people that you do not want to be disturbed. You can teach your kids to understand the sign and to leave mommy or daddy alone when the sign is on.

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