When “He” Does Not Want To Travel With You

Telluride is expensive. Billionaires and Millionaires call it home. Some, like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Arnold Schwartzenegger and other stars call it second home. The views are priceless, but for a steep price.

Let’s say you travel from Boston to Dallas. It may be cheaper to get two separate tickets. You could buy one ticket from Boston to Nashville and one from Nashville to Dallas.

One of the advantages of having trees is that it helps to clean the air. Not too many people are aware of this but it takes carbon dioxide from the air and it transforms it into oxygen. Basically what this does is it removes any pollutants. What you notice is that the oxygen levels in your area will be much higher if there are more trees. Evidence of this is seen in the rain forests. Many countries are now just starting to protect this natural resource.

A: We cannot sell a timeshare if more money is owed on it than what you would receive for it after closing costs and commissions are paid without you coming up with the cash difference (usually a bad idea). How much did you pay for it? How much do you owe?

Having said that, where are some of the best places to visit while you recuperate? I’ve tried to limit the options to Georgia, as while Atlanta boasts one of the busiest airports in the world (they can get you pretty much anywhere, at pretty much anytime), not everyone has the means to purchase tickets whenever they feel like it. So, keeping things within reasonable driving distance, here’s a list of three relaxing, even romantic, “getaways in Brighton” that can help you to bleed off that pent-up stress.

Another “fifty” we have begun to accumulate, are fifty messages we are writing to ourselves in the future to be opened on our fiftieth anniversary. We Weekend getaways have a safety-deposit box. In this box, we are leaving ourselves annual letters about what is going on; the hard issues; the joyful issues; what child is doing what; everything about our lives and the World. We spend a lot of time on this. We figure in a few years we’ll have plenty of time and won’t be able to get enough.

Depending on the season, you may get a better deal for your wedding venue than you would otherwise. This is a great way to save money, be able to invite more guests, and have a terrific wedding all at the same time. Ask the venue consultant what the price differences would be if you were to book in the summer or in the fall as opposed to the spring and winter. Get all the details and then make your decision.

No matter what kind of a last minute getaway you’re looking for, make sure to leave your stress behind and make a solid effort at truly relaxing with the one you love. Sometimes taking a simple weekend break can change the way you feel come Monday morning, cheer you up if you’re blue, or reignite the romantic spark between you.